My take on Photography

Long time no shooting. And I don’t mean a firearm. 😂

As you can see from my Instagram accounts and my blog posts, I like to insert lots of pictures into my writings, because it tells a visual story and it enhances the message and a better understanding of what I want to express.

I have tons of pictures in my Google Photos, in my iCloud and Google Drive. I take pictures when I’m in the car, when I’m eating, when I play with my cat, when I chill down, you name it. I like documenting my actions just in case a good story pops up, so I can remember things and bring back memories just by scrolling through my archives. I love this especially when chatting with friends, reminisce about good times and be able to instantly pull up a photo for everyone to remember.

It feels easy for me to express myself through images because as the old saying goes “a picture is worth a thousand words”. Well, except when that picture is made specifically to control, influence or exploit something or someone. I like the real deal, the raw feeling you can get just by looking at something authentic captured through the lens: a moment, a colour, a smile, a second of one’s life. It’s like you are playing with time and light at the same time. Fascinating! 

My iPhone is my best friend when it comes to taking pictures as it’s more handy and easy to use. The moment I see something worthy to be captured I just take it out, point and shoot. Then I just adjust a bit the exposure or add a filter and bam! I have a new post for my IG account. 
Nevertheless, I don’t shy away at using a pro camera as well.

Even if I’m still an amateur regarding the technical part (don’t really seem to grasp all the settings from the first try) I am trying my best and I usually take some pretty nice pictures. #MrDarcy and I have quite a few cameras at home, because we also shoot wedding and events, and I had the chance to practice with Nikon D3200 and Nikon D7100. 

Pretty easy to use both of them, I tend to like more the D3200 because it has a simpler menu. I use a 35 mm fixed lens which in my opinion takes sharper and richer photos even in low light.

But my all time favorite is my film camera. A FED4 35mm rangefinder camera made in USSR between 1964-1980 which belonged to my dad. It has some glitches and you have to really get to know how it works before shooting with it, but once you get there you’ll get some spectacular photos with a beautiful yellow retro vibe. And we all know I’m mad about vintage! 😂🙈

It has a very luxurious look and feel, its body is made of metal (really heavy when you hold it) and has the FED logo, serial number and USSR engraved on the back. Mine also has a protective leather cover. 
Check out below some of the pictures I’ve taken with it. No filter and all.

Earlier, I told you that we photograph weddings and events. Well, I shoot that with the digital camera, obviously. Can you imagine shooting a wedding with a film camera? Batshit crazy! You only have like 36 frames on one roll film so you have to change them every half hour or so. Plus, you’ll have to nail the settings for every picture from the first try, without a preview or anything, otherwise you won’t have any good photos to give to your clients. Old-school photographers must have been really badass to shoot weddings like that. But then again, they didn’t have a choice.

My experience as an event photographer began 3 years ago. #MrDarcy was already an amateur photographer so it was just a matter of time till I got out of my comfort zone and started it myself.
We used to shoot weddings, baptisms, parties, before the pandemic. And every time I was so stressed out because that’s what I do. :)) I’m anxious and because I want everything to go smoothly I have the jitters. But, getting over this, the experience is pretty cool. I met some really nice people, socialized, got to eat an entire wedding meal (plus cake 🍰🤤). The next two weeks or so I usually do the editing of the pictures, but the real feeling of satisfaction is when your clients are genuinely happy and thankful for the memories you made for them to keep.

The hardest part I think it’s working with people, because some of them are nice, some are not, and that’s ok. It’s our right and theirs as well to choose someone who they can vibe and work with.  

I also like to practice product photography as there is no rush, you can get as creative as you want, play with textures, colours and light. That’s how I took the pictures for my vintage clothes shop. (more about that in another article cause this one is too effing long already 😂)

To sum up, I think my photography is truly an art. Some of you may think that it’s easy once you get to know the technical part of it but that’s not enough. You have to experience, to practice, to visualise, to try and get the most and the best out of your creativity. It’s pretty easy on the surface but mostly profound when you dive in and discover textures, patterns, postures, rules and so on. And then there’s the people part where you need some social skills and some negotiating skills as well, so you know how to deal with different types of individuals.

If you want o find out more about our work you can visit our website, and our Facebook and Instagram pages. 

I would love to find out what you think! 🤗

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